Why Pinterest is bringing a new tide with its curated gallery in journalism

A new fresh perspective in storytelling for stories told by pictures.

We’ve all heard of Pinterest, the fun application that exhibits a vision of immaculate images assembled together.

Many utilize this application to organize pictures to create mood boards on Twitter and other apps of the like. From storing fashion outfits, lifestyle, vacation getaways, recipe ideas to wedding planning inspiration, this app has got you covered in all aspects.

There has been a new tide in the world of journalism where Pinterest is implemented to provide a compiled imagery to showcase a story through visual means rather than an old fashioned written one.

Pinterest Logo provided by Flickr.

Steve Buttry, a director of student media at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication has said “Primarily, I would say that news organizations definitely should explore the possibilities of engaging through a social tool that’s growing as fast as Pinterest. Some of your efforts will generate strong engagement and some will fall flat. But when people are spending as much time with a social tool as they do with Pinterest, you should seek to have them spend some of that time with you.” You can read his extensive article where he goes in further detail about how journalists and newsrooms should implement the usage of Pinterest here.

Here is a great example in where students are utilizing Pinterest for their classwork

Screenshot provided by me, which showcases a tweet from SB Badalamente where her students utilize Pinterest for an in-class assignment.

Here are five reasons why you should join in the Pinterest mayhem as well:

  1. You can find story content by just browsing on the site because news can be found in the unlikeliest of places.
  2. Create your own portfolio to showcase your talent in assembling content in a visual perspective.
  3. You will always stay with the ongoing current trends because this application is all about being in the know.
  4. You can also obtain a different audience on this application. Remember not everyone is on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  5. You can also meet like minded journalists on this application and increase your connections as well. After all, many journalists have been using this app as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started in creating curated galleries to showcase your visual appeal for your stories.

Journalism major attending UH. I aspire to write fashion journalism. Fashion and arts enthusiast.

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